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Dr. Ho is so confident that more than 20 years ago he introduced a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Today, 20 years later, the offer still stands. If you're not satisfied with something you bought directly from DR-HO'S, simply send it back for a full refund of the purchase price, less the price of shipping.

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Basic Package
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  • 2-Pad Pain Therapy System

    An advanced TENS and EMS unit that powers your treatment.

  • 4 Regular Pads (2 pairs)

    For small problem areas like hand pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

  • 2 Large Pads (1 pair)

    For larger muscle groups like back pain and leg pain.

  • 2 Foot Pads (2 pair)

    For foot pain and to improve circulation in your feet and legs.

  • Pad Placement Chart

    Easy-to-follow chart of where to place the electrodes for the best treatment.

  • Instructional Manual

    Comprehensive guide on how to use and maintain your TENS unit.

  • Spray Bottle

    Spray your gel pad electrodes with tap water to optimize conduction.

  • DR-HO’S Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt ($59.99 value)

    Wear on your waist and connect your TENS unit for focused and portable back pain relief.

Package Value$129.96 USD
Deluxe Package
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  • Everything in the Basic Package +
  • 16 Regular Pads
    ($70 value = 2 x $35)
  • 4 Large Pads
    ($39.98 value = 2 x $19.99)
Package Value$239.94 USD
Your price$159.96 USD
You save$79.98 USD
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Ultimate Package
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  • All accessories in the Deluxe Package +
  • FREE UPGRADE to DR-HO’S 4-Pad Pain Therapy System ($164.99 value)
  • DR-HO’S Therapy & Support Band
    ($44.99 value)

    Provides support and projection for joints and muscles while delivering TENS treatment.

  • 4 Pain Therapy Belt Pads ($39.98 value = 2 x $19.99)
  • 4 Therapy & Support Band Pads ($39.98 value = 2 x $19.99)
Package Value$399.92 USD
Your price$199.96 USD
You save$199.96 USD
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Mixed Gel Pads

+ $49.98 USD

DR-HO'S® Mixed Gel Pads Replacement Kit comes complete with 2 pairs of Large Gel Pads and 8 Pairs of Small Gel Pads

+ $25.00 USD

The Pain Relief System comes with a standard one year Manufacturer's Warranty, but many customers choose to upgrade to a full two year warranty
Small Gel Pads

+ $35.00 USD

DR-HO'S® Small Gel Pads Kit comes complete with 8 pairs of replacement gel pads used to target small areas like joints, hands, feet, and the neck.

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