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  • I was a swimmer. I was a golfer. I played football. I played basketball. I jumped out of airplanes when I was in the military. But as a result, I had some wear and tear. Now, when I'd have some pain and I have some stiffness in my body, I use DR-HO'S system. I have tried a number of other TENS units. I find DR-HO'S much more powerful. It is also painless. It relieves the pain. It gives me relaxed muscles. It gives me reduced stress, and I can just sleep through the night and wake up like a new man. It's given me my life back, and it's given me the life that I like. I want to be active. I have 10 grandchildren and I want to play with them and I want to enjoy the life that I have with them. And I can do that with the Pain Therapy System

    Henry G

  • It doesn't matter where the injury is, it helps with circulation that causes the inflammation, that gets the person back up to speed. It is very safe. The circulation promoter will provide oxygenation to the tissue and wake the nerve up. I've pretty much seen it all. A lot of back pains, a lot of knee pains, calf injuries, foot injuries, bad circulation in the legs, swelling around the ankles, and so I recommend the circulation promoter now to help all of these conditions. I would prescribe the use of this device for patients that sit in traffic all day, that spend a long time sitting in their car behind the wheel, or long haul truck drivers. The kind of foot problems that the circulation promoter can really help with are conditions with inflammation, people who have nerve problems, also just general aches and pains. You can treat conditions like arthritis, bunions. Better circulation means healthier tissue, decreased pain, decreased inflammation.




  • I’ve had lower back pain, and along with my lower back pain I had problems with my legs. And both my back pain and the pain in my legs has gone away after wearing this belt. I’m very surprised in half an hour wearing the belt it relieved the back pain, it’s got rid of it and relieved the tingling sensation in my legs.

    2-in-1 belt

  • It feels good. It feels really good. I feel like I'm getting a proper arch in my back. It feels more straight. I don't feel like I'm slouched over, no discomfort. Definitely your mind's got to be in the game. And if my back's all slouched and hurting, I'm going to be more focused on that than I am on my cards. And usually poker games go on for a long time. So after a while I definitely start to slouch over. This gives me the constant reminder, keep your back straight. So I don't have pain after I'm finished. The Perfectback Rest really helps me with my game, because it keeps me upright. And it keeps me focused on my cards and what I'm doing.

    Simon B

  • My back feels amazing with the DR-HO'S Belt. It's very effective and saves me time. I can do it on my own. I like how it supports my waist and how it stretches the muscles in my lower back. The best part is, it really works. I used to get a lot of stress in my back when sitting in the office and while I'm driving. When I put the belt on, I can feel the effects right away. It's comforting and soothing for my back. I love how portable it is. I can use it at work, at home and when I'm traveling. I've recommended DR-HO's Belt to my friends, and they love it too.


  • I've been having a back problem for about 10, 15 years climing eavestrough installation and I go up the ladder a lot, like up and down, it's really hard on the legs and the lower back. I was using a belt before and I wanted to compare the new product belt. I like this belt better because it's two belts in one and they support your back and also stretching your back. It's really, really a big difference compared to a regular belt. Using that belt for about 40, 45 minutes and I'm just standing up now and start walking and I feel like my legs is so light and I could feel the blood flow going down and it's really, really great. My back feels really stronger and I feel really, really good.


  • I use the DR-HO'S Foot Massager because I'm a diabetic, and I suffer nerve damage in my feet and some in my legs. I sometimes have numbness up here. And I can actually pinch it, and sometimes I don't feel it. But after using the DR-HO'S Foot Massager, it helps the circulation I find in my legs and the pain is less severe. You'll be amazed how quickly the pain go from unbearable, to you can tolerate, to there's no pain. I use the DR-HO'S on a regular basis to keep the circulation in my feet, so I'm aware of what I'm stepping on. Because if you happen to cut your foot and don't realize it and it gets infected, you could lose a limb or you can lose your life. Another feature I like about DR-HO'S, it's portable. You can use it sitting on your couch, laying in your bed. If you travel, you don't want to have to worry about finding any plug-ins. Every diabetic should know about this and should have a DR-HO'S Foot Massager.


  • Pain was located primarily in my rotator cuff, which led to muscle tension across my back and up into my neck. It would affect me in my work a day, my ability to relax and more importantly, my ability to sleep through the night. Since I started using DR-HO'S, I'm finding myself able to get through the work day, much, much better range of motion, no pain and most importantly, a great night's sleep. What I love about DR-HO'S is the variety of the treatment that is going through. You get power. You get the intensity in a very small, easy-to-use unit and the best part about it is, I don't have to make an appointment with anybody to get the kind of relief I get with the DR-HO'S product.


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